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魔兽被评为美国最佳之门之一&DWM Magazine 2019的橱窗经销商


We are very excited to announce that 视窗 on Washington has been listed as one of America’s best door 和 window dealers by DWM Magazine for the fourth consecutive year! The exclusive list compiled by DWM ranks window 和 door businesses based on size 和 annual turnover, listing the nation’s top installers. This year, WoW came in at 99th. Last year, we ranked 104th.


名单 was published in the 2019 February issue of DWM Magazine. DWM editors undertook extensive research to curate the list, scouring various sources 和 conducting field surveys for the latest annual sales 和 other information. The publishers said making the Top Dealers list was a major achievement. 

Editorial director of DWM Magazine Tara Taffera wrote in the issue: “For the past five years I have pored over revenue figures, 和 scores of other information, along with others on the DWM team, to come up with our annual list of top door 和 windows dealers.” 

She also spoke about the challenges door 和 window dealers are currently facing, which includes a shortage of skilled labour, adding: “I imagine it is not so easy either, but all of you should be commended for plowing through all the challenges coming your way while still coming out on top.”

在我们连续第9次获胜之后,《魔兽世界》就被列入了最佳经销商名单 安吉的名单超级服务奖. WoW president 埃里克·诺沃特尼(Eric Novotny) welcomed the latest accolade, promising new 和 existing customers WoW will only continue growing from here.

他说:“我为WoW团队打入美国排名前100的窗户经销商而感到自豪。 他们每天的辛勤工作和对客户满意的奉献精神推动了我们的成功发展,并使我们成为DC地区最出色的外观改造公司之一。对于我们所有现有和未来的客户,我们承诺以战略方式应对未来,绝不会为了增长而牺牲我们的高服务水平和您的总体满意度。”




我们以实现客户的家庭装修梦想而闻名。我们提供优质的产品,专业的工艺 and outstanding customer service to improve the comfort, beauty 和 energy efficiency of our customers’ homes. We also provide our clients with the best prices in the form of a complete estimate. First 和 foremost, we are always fair 和 transparent. There is no obligation, no pressure 和 no hidden charges.


We only work with expert installers 和 use the best products in accordance with industry best practices, taking extra steps to ensure quality performance 和 maximum return on investment. We never cut corners 和 it shows in our finished projects. We do the research to ensure we provide you with an array of products that not only look great, 但请执行上述能源之星指南,以最大程度地提高投资回报率。

A +商业改善局评级

视窗 on Washington has earned 和 maintained an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau. From the founding of our company, we have never had a complaint filed against us.



“At 视窗 on Washington, we provide our customers with quality products 和 expert workmanship to improve the comfort, beauty 和 energy efficiency of their homes. And we do it with unparalleled service. Our work is not complete without your total satisfaction.”

WoW was founded on a simple philosophy: be upfront 和 honest. From the zero-pressure sales process, to the best-in-class windows, roofing, doors, 和 siding, to expert installation, to the outstanding level of customer service 和 support we provide our customers. We take care of our clients 和 as a result, we are a home improvement company you can trust.



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