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Should I DIY My Air Sealing 和 绝缘 or Hire a Professional Contractor?

 如果您确定自己的双色球霸主需要新的 空气密封或绝缘,您现在可能想知道这是您自己可以完成的工作,还是应该聘请专业承包商。在大多数情况下,通常最好是聘请专业人士,但有时DIY工作可以解决问题。对于空气密封和隔热,第一步也是最关键的一步是确定双色球霸主中每次泄漏的源头。也不要小看漏气,因为它们也很重要!通常,从专业承包商处进行家庭能源审核是衡量双色球霸主中所有漏气位置的最有效,最可靠的方法。在能源审核期间,承包商将使用高级诊断程序来识别双色球霸主中的任何泄漏。虽然房主有可能检测到整个双色球霸主的泄漏,但承包商将能够最有效,最全面地识别空气泄漏和间隙。在本文中,我们将介绍可以进行DIY空气密封项目以及何时最好由专业承包商承包的实例。


There are a few areas around a home where air leaks 和 gaps can be easily identified 和 fixed by yourself. Some of these common areas include:

  • 视窗 和 doors. 嵌缝 and weather-stripping are two simple 和 effective air-sealing techniques that offer a good ROI. Caulk is generally used for stationary cracks 和 openings around doors 和 window frames, 和 挡风雨条 is used to seal components that move, such as doors 和 operable windows. 
  • 电源插座. Outlets located on outside facing walls are commonly overlooked when it comes to finding air leaks 和 gaps, but they are notorious for air leakage. A simple 和 effective fix is to install foam gaskets behind the outlets 和 switch plates.
  • 风管. Conditioned air escapes through incorrectly sealed joints 和 is lost to the unconditioned space where the duct is located. Duct mastic is inexpensive 和 easy to apply 和 can be used to seal these joints to prevent air leakage 和 increase efficiency. 
  • 阁楼舱口. Adding 挡风雨条 around the frame of your attic hatch as well as a foam board can help reduce any energy loss. And, if your attic hatch has attached stairs, an attic tent is also an effective option.



Some examples of air sealing 和 insulation issues that should be looked at by a professional contractor include:

  • 屋顶漏水导致水饱和绝缘
  • 将潮湿或潮湿的空气释放到阁楼而不是室外的通风孔
  • The presence of knob 和 tube wiring, which creates an elevated risk of fire if it lies within close proximity to fiberglass insulation
  • Recurrent ice dams in gutters 和 attics during the winter
  • Attic rafters 和 floor joists which are showing signs of rot or mold infestation
  • 阁楼通风不足
  • 嵌入式灯具,需要绝缘
  • 吹入式保温或大型泡沫气密性工程需要昂贵的专用设备,并且需要接受广泛的培训才能操作。

Calling in the help of a professional contractor will not only greatly improve the energy efficiency of your home but it will also raise the overall resale value of your home 和 make it more appealing to future buyers.


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